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I am a scholar of Early Modern English literature and culture, teaching quite a number of English-related subjects at Kazan University, Russia. I am mainly interested in the formation of the Early Modern public sphere, scandals, subversion, non-literary discourses in literature and other forms of destructive creation.

Freedom of speech has a number and it’s

Busy as I am at the approaching end of term, nothing could hold me away from spending 2 or 3 hours every morning reading freshly released cable dumps. Say what you will, I am all for the Assange crew. Change … Continue reading

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Three Jeremiads, by Robert Darnton

A most profound piece by Robert Darnton has just been published by the New York Review of Books. In a not-too-long article Darnton, as the Harvard University Library Director, makes a strong case for open access publishing, given that exorbitant … Continue reading

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Renaissance and Reformation journal

Just discovered that Renaissance and Reformation journal, published by Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies, provides permanent free access to its archives from the first issue in 1964 to 2005 (i.e. a 5-year moving wall).  I think this is a very … Continue reading

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the Yukos scam

Today I received a spam advance-fee fraud letter usually associated with an African country. Well, nothing of note, as I  get dozens of suchlike offers every week at my Gmail account. This time, however, it was signed “Nikolay Sintsov” and … Continue reading

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invisible college turns digital

just discovered a recent call by Robert Darnton to create a National Digital Library, published  in the New York Review of Books. This question is indeed “of vital importance for the cultural life of the country”, as its content should … Continue reading

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Vivarium – free online access

Brill kindly offers free online access to the full archive of Vivarium Journal until November 15, 2010, available here. (almost 50 volumes since 1963!) No registration is needed. From Brill’s website: Vivarium is an international journal dedicated to the history … Continue reading

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it rhymed with ‘clucking bell’

this was a post on how I liked my short-lived administrative position. now, to the elements                 —————- Now playing: Titus Andronicus – Four Score And Seven via FoxyTunes

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watch the meerkat

The new version of Ubuntu, 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, has been released today (or, rather, yesterday). I am reluctant to try it out so soon, but there are issues with Lucid on my EEEPC (shortened battery life, somewhat unstable wi-fi at … Continue reading

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a more rational account of this Androides

To my great joy, Android Market has now made paid apps available in Russia. I must say, I’ve emptied out my card account on the very first day, sending small sums to all makers of my favorite apps. This is … Continue reading

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because he hath no continuance

The Guardian has recently written on how humanities become “gentrified” in the modern university, with “children of senior managers” accounting for 31% degrees in history and philosophy.  Justin Bengry at the History Compass blog posted on how the feeling of … Continue reading

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