when I do a hiatus, it’s a real long one

Well yeah, dear diary, over a year away from the dashboard and asleep at the wheel.

Many things sure fell within the gap, like being promoted to an administrative position I do not quite feel comfortable with (yet), going to a couple of conferences, theorizing a lot, falling back on the long-awaiting Russian edition of Herrick’s Hesperides and my incomplete work on character books, or like realizing my lifelong dream of getting more or less proficient with Linux, or reading more about discordianism, new historicism and subversion, and never getting tired of watching once again an episode of Monty Python, or of screwing up a couple of grant applications.

Looks like I have a better idea now of what to say and how to express myself in the blogosphere. For quite a time, I’ve been haunted by obvious similarities between the logic in some 17th century ravings about machiavellists and atheists and modern rants, both from the tea party train and rightwing paranoids here in Russia. I admit there was a tad of escapism in my going into early modern studies back when I was 18, among the ruins of the USSR (and that’s an honest confession to make!) To my surprise, trying to escape into a Tillyardian paradise led me into a maze of stress and anxiety quite familiar to every thinking mind in the post-Soviet space. Living among fear and uncertainty, with scholars quite close sometimes to downright poverty, how could I have avoided the name, features and interests of a begging scholar?

Now I wonder if cultural studies can really get rid of the aneristic illusion and break through the grid. Not being able yet to express exactly how to do it in a clear-cut theory, I will post random burst-outs and snippets discovered in both centuries of my interests, in a vain hope it could either be useful to a friend on our meandering path, or at least amuse me and fashion some new material for articles and presentation out of the fascinating chaos of life.

About beggingscholar

I am a scholar of Early Modern English literature and culture, teaching quite a number of English-related subjects at Kazan University, Russia. I am mainly interested in the formation of the Early Modern public sphere, scandals, subversion, non-literary discourses in literature and other forms of destructive creation.
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