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because he hath no continuance

The Guardian has recently written on how humanities become “gentrified” in the modern university, with “children of senior managers” accounting for 31% degrees in history and philosophy.  Justin Bengry at the History Compass blog posted on how the feeling of … Continue reading

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“Makarov” redirects here

Everybody has a habit of googling their own name. Well, at least sometimes. Maybe when you are in a wrong sort of mood, on a rainy evening, alone, after a glass of red wine. I, with my last name having … Continue reading

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Canting Academy – a first look

In my search of 17c. character books it came into my mind that rogue books might be a kind of character collections. too. Apart from the Elizabethan conny-catching pamphlets, my obvious choice was Richard Head‘s The Canting Academy, a book … Continue reading

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Nazi atheists?

The blogosphere is awash with speculation over the Pope’s obvious gaffe in linking Nazism and atheism. Quoting from the Guardian , here’s just one of his attempts at clumsy flattery masking the real venom: Even in our own lifetime, we … Continue reading

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when I do a hiatus, it’s a real long one

Well yeah, dear diary, over a year away from the dashboard and asleep at the wheel. Many things sure fell within the gap, like being promoted to an administrative position I do not quite feel comfortable with (yet), going to … Continue reading

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